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For estate planning, we are representing PreceptsGroup International (previously known as Rockwills Singapore Group of Companies), which is an established full-fledged estate and succession planning service provider, covering wills, trusts, estate administration, corporate services and education.

1  What is a Will?
  A will is a legal document where you can list down your wishes and how those wishes are to be carried out when you pass on.

Executor, whom can be trusted, need to be appointed to execute your wishes clearly and without duress

2 What will happen if you pass on without a written will?
  You will need Letter of Administration

3 What happen if you pass on with Will?
  You will need Grant of Probate
The process of obtaining Grant of Probate is much simpler compare with getting a Letter of Administration, which shorten the asset distribution time from 3-5 years to just 12-18 months.
4 Benefits of having a will
  •   Decide who your beneficiaries shall be
  •   Decide who is your executor whom you know can be trusted and knowledgeable, to distribute your estate with responsibility
  •   Determine the specific assets (eg luxury watch, gold, and etc) to the specific person to receive the gift
  •  Specify which assets should be first liquidated to pay your debts
  •   Expedite probate and avoid the need for an administration bond
  •   Appoint guardian for minor children
5 Why Global Quantum Advisory for Professional Will Writing Services?
  Drawing a will is as easy as making a phone call.

To us, we can take your instructions in the privacy of your office or the comfort of your home. Using our unique Professional Will-writing system and personalized service, your will can be tailored to suit every situation.

6 Custody Service
  We also offer Professional Custody Service for your will. Our unique retrieval service will ensure that your will can be found quickly when the need arises. Meanwhile, your will shall be protected from natural disaster and against tampering.
7 “My family situation is not complicated, I just need a simple will”

If your beneficiaries belong to following categories, your simple will may not suitable

A Too young
B Too old
C Too financially non-savvy
D Too financially irresponsible
E Too Special


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