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Trust and Trustee Services

Trust and Trustee Services

Since 2008, Precepts Trustee Ltd (previously known as Rockwills Trustee Ltd) is licensed with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to provide Trust Services, we act as a trustee, provide trust administration services, as well as the setting up of trust.

Leaving a Trust for Families

Trust can be applied in many circumstances, from a simple declaration of trust over an asset like company shares to complex structures involving trusteeship of highly valuable assets situated in several jurisditions.

We are licensed to act as a Professional Trustee to look after our clients’ estate and ensure that their estate are distributed to their preferred beneficiaries, according to their legacy plans.

With proper planning, Trust can be a perfect gift for family.

Family Trust

We offer highly customised Trust solutions to meet different needs for family, especially when beneficiaries are minor, elderly, special needs, or financially non-savvy and irresponsible.

A well-structured Family Trust can maintain harmony between beneficiaries, which is always the heart of Estate Planning.

At the same time, Family Trust can protect your hard-earned monies from scammers and fraudsters, to make sure your estate is fully distributed within your beneficiaries.

Standby Trust

Standby Trusts are popular solutions for our clients, as it doesn’t require to fund significant amount of asset to setup Standby Trust.

Clients remain full control of their assets, until the triggering event of death, or mental incapacity happens.

When there are changes of needs, clients can amend the way of distribution via updating Letter of Wishes.

Standby Trusts provides affordable and flexible Estate Planning solution.

Property Trust

If you wish to purchase property for minor beneficiaries using cash, setting up a Property Trust can be one of the solutions.

With proper structure, application of stamp duty will be assessed base on beneficiaries profile.

Charitable Trust

A Charitable Trust can provide support in long period of time, or even in perpetual, to chosen charity organisation(s).  

Private Trust Companies (PTC)

For Clients who prefer not to transfer assets to the Trustee, we can assist to setup alternative structure, called a Private Trust Compaines (PTC), where family member can be shareholders, as well as directors to have direct control over trust assets